Pediatric Functional Medicine

Pediatric Functional Medicine stands out as a unique approach to children's health. It delves into their unique genes and biochemistry and shows how these traits interact with their immediate environments and lifestyles. At Heal Functional Medicine, we use an integrative approach to caring for our pediatric patients. Please reach out to our office to learn more about how we can help you.

Understanding Pediatric Functional Medicine

At Heal Functional Medicine, we combine traditional pediatric and functional medicine. This creates a holistic approach to child wellness and preventive care. It includes well-rounded doctor visits and personalized care. It also involves a focus on mental and emotional aspects of the child. This allows for more comprehensive care and provides in-depth answers. Functional medicine can help show us the key imbalances in your child's body. Some of the things we may address are optimizing diet, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes. 

Why Functional Medicine is the Future of Healthcare

Diagnosing children's health issues is difficult, especially if they're not talking or expressing symptoms well. Functional medicine focuses on whole-child resilience and optimization. It restores children's health, can bring about a full recovery, and allows them to thrive. Our pediatricians will go over your child thoroughly. We can test for food sensitivities and gut issues, which can provide essential information for full-body treatment.  

Fixing the root cause of disease is crucial for restoring good health. One problem can cause many others. Our functional medicine pediatricians will work closely with your child. We can appreciate your child's quirks and inconsistencies and recognize any significant changes. This personalized care and treatment plan can help improve patient outcomes.

Call Our Office

Our functional medicine pediatricians focus on finding the root cause of symptoms. We also promote your child's ability to heal. We will prescribe medicine as needed and encourage health and wellness. Functional medicine does not mask symptoms or provide band-aids. It aims to fix root problems. Schedule a consultation with us today for a patient-centered, science-based approach. We are located in Point Pleasant, NJ, and service both New Jersey and New York. Call now.